10 Questions with Stone Mob’s Earthdog

10 Questions with Stone Mob’s Earthdog

Stone Mob’s singer Doug “Earthdog” Masterson is a man on a mission to prove rock and roll can still be fun and innovative.  And he has the vocal power to do it.  He has been compared to David Lee Roth, Brian Johnson, Steven Tyler, and Ozzy- and he can sound like all or none of the above all in the same song.  Here’s an opportunity to find out how Doug got so good at singing, what it’s like playing in a band with The Shred Master General, and some other insights into the front man of one of rock and rolls most exciting new comers.


Q : What made you want to become a singer?

I really wanted to be a guitarist.  I played by ear.  I had a great friend tell me drop the guitar and sing. quit spinning wheels…haha…I LOVE MUSIC    I LOVE THE STAGE  AND I LOVE THE FEEL THESE 2 TOGETHER BRING ME…I feel at home with ROCK N ROLL …IF I CAN MAKE YOU FORGET ABOUT LIFE’S PROBLEMS AND TRIBULATIONS FOR A SONG OR 10…I did my job.


Q : Who are your influences as an artist?

Family…  growing up in music a driving family in the 70’s had a big influence on me   ….1 brother (listening to John Denver and in church choir.),    other brother listening to Zeppelin and Black Sabbath..(had a garage band in our garage),    my sister ( listening to Elton john and Osmond’s)…and my dad ( singing Johnnie Cash and Jim Croch aloud all the time)…my mom filled the blanks driving in the station wagon with country and  then me and my little bro tearing up the tennis rackets to whatever record we could sneak out my of bro’s room…Rock N Roll…..oh yeah…. so I heard it all … ITS IN MY VEINS


Q : Stone Mob clearly has a style all your own.  The music is happy, fun, sometimes inspirational, and always hard as nails.  But in your opinion, what makes Stone Mob different than other rock bands?

STONEMOB is STONEMOB. We are outside the box while others scurry around the inside of the box,  We found much more room FOR CREATION outside.  We constantly challenge each other.


Q : Blaine Kaltman is increasingly being regarded as one of the best guitarists in rock and roll.  What is it like being in a band with The Shred Master General?

Playing with BLAINE KALTMAN IS AMAZING…AKA ” SHREDD MASTER GENERAL”, He definitely lives up to his name.  It’s very challenging to keep up with the shredder but I know I have the stuff to do it.  It is so impressive to watch his hands fly ALL OVER THE GUITAR, JUMPIN’ ON STAGE WHILE SHREDDIN’.    I COULDNT HAVE A BETTER ENERGETIC- LOVIN LIFE- GO GET ‘EM ATTITUDE ON GUITAR THAN HIM NEXT TO ME.  Look when i first hooked up with SMG, I was like WOW- he’s GONNA make it hard for the AIR guitarists ha ha.  (CHALLENGE)… HE IS DEFINATELY THE REAL DEAL!!!


Q : Does being in a band with such talented musicians put pressure on you as the front man?

NO not at all…   I PEFER TO PLAY WITH THE BIG DOGS…  no pressure at all …but under pressure I rise…  ITS THE CHALLANGE THING AGAIN…MAKES ME STEP UP.  Never worry about who you’re playing with …ENJOY…  worry about the tune you’re playing.  Remember   EVERYDAY IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE    EVEN FOR THE GREATS.  I feel privileged to play with such great talent.



Q : How does a Stone Mob song get written?  Take us through the creative process.

STONE MOB songs are written by the SMG (Kaltman) technique.  SMG  and  I are 3hrs away from each other.  He’s in Washington DC, I’m in Virginia Beach. Blaine takes a real life concept, writes a tune, (SHREDDIN’) makes a rough (music and lyrics in the studio) and then sends it to me.  We converse back and forth on parts, if need be…get the feel …  make a date in the studio…and we make the magic…Both of us has the talent to write but this long distance concept is what we do best now…that is basically how it’s done.


Q : Stone Mob videos range from violent to uplifting to downright hilarious.  What inspires the band to make such diverse videos?

Making the videos is a whole other concept …when you hear a song you get visuals in your head, scenarios…most of the videos are made off of scenarios…just voicing out ideas and making them come to life…YOU KNOW “THE WHAT IFS” … (if it comes to mind write it down) …then it’s a lot of work…DIRECTING,  EDITING, PRODUCTION, Etc. I believe every song has a video in it already… when I sing a song I see pictures in my head.  Now to make you see what we see, that’s the idea. We love creating music and videos and have more to come.


Q : What is your favorite Stone Mob song to perform live and why?

YOU KNOW THATS A HARD QUESTION    I LOVE SINGING THEM BUT “1ST DAY”   IS MY SOUL SONG    (when I sing it  I think of my daughter)


Q : You have a voice like none other.  It’s full of power, depth, and on some songs even sounds beautiful.  What is your advice to aspiring singers, especially ones who would like to have the power and range of The Earthdog?

DONT SMOKE     EXCERSICE       PRACTICE -PRACTICE -PRACTICE- PRACTICE-      AND PRACTICE MORE…  sing from your soul …  let it flow. If you feel you need to pus  do the opposite and lay back on it…flow.  OR PLAY GUITAR…haahaa


Q : What’s next for Stone Mob- any upcoming shows or new videos we can expect?

Please check out Stone Mob at Stonemobrising.com. We have an upcoming show with the METAL LEGEND… CANNABIS CORPSE   on WED JAN 24, 2018…AND NO DEAD MOSTERS… TICKETS ON SALE NOW…        PLEASE CHECK SITE FOR MORE SHOWS      ROCK N RULE …I say


Website:  stonemobrising.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stonemobrising/
Twitter: @stonemobrising
Instagram:  stonemobrock



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